Holes the story

13 Dec

There once was a world with two layers… or rather… a world with one layer and holes… there was a dark man in the hole and a light man above the hole looking down upon him. “Come down here” said the dark man, “the sun doesn’t get in your eyes and you don’t have to eat any of that vegetable crap, we don’t even have vegetables!” “My leader told me not to go down into your hole” said the light man, “perhaps you yourself should come out of the hole.” “Good heavens no! Cried the dark man, ” If I were to leave, I would be blind! I would live oblivious to the dastardly truths of this world and would be effectivly lieing to myself, which would make me jump right back in this hole.” Now this caught the light man’s attention for he wondered why his leader was his leader and wondered what the leader could be hiding from him, so the light man hopped into the hole and quickly found out that he was naked.


One Response to “Holes the story”

  1. Jazz February 3, 2012 at 10:41 pm #

    I actually fucking love this shit. Nicely done, Noh.

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