13 Dec

There was once a world of two layers. There were the people above the holes and the people in the holes. The people above the holes were happy with life and believed they enjoyed it. The people in the holes (the hole people) were sad and saw life as it was, full of labyrinths and masks and they looked at the people outside the holes not in jealousy but with kindness and appreciation. For those were the people who truly lived with indifference and those were the people who truly, successfully lied to themselves and learned to get on with life. So the people in the holes didnt want out and the people above the holes didnt want in. As is heaven and hell


One Response to “Holes”

  1. Jazz February 3, 2012 at 10:40 pm #

    This sorta reminds me of The Time Machine by HG Wells if you’ve read it…in the future there are these people who are weak and dainty and just frolic about without a care in the world, happy as can be. There is fruit for them in the same place every day. But at night there are these smart, cunning, evil, hairy creatures who come up out of holes in the ground to eat them. It’s a damn fine book and a lot more deep than just that, but yaya

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